Friday, April 1, 2011

Pre-Race Wrap Up

I thought I'd post the last two workouts and some other thoughts before the big day tomorrow.  Hard to believe it's finally upon excitement is overflowing as I prepare to head east.

Actual~7.66 @ 9:15P

This was my last longish run that carried over into this week after a very busy and exhausting weekend.  I shortened the original plan since this is race week.  I felt pretty good, keeping things feeling easy and not looking at my watch.

Splits:  9:11, 9:03, 9:19, 9:20, 9:23, 9:19, 9:14, (.66) 9:09

Wed~4 Miles Easy
Actual~4 Miles @ 9:20P

Is it me or is it practically impossible to go "Easy" on short runs right before the big race!!!  At least I kept myself from pushing up the last .4 worth of hill that leads to my house.  The wind in my face helped too  :)

Splits:  9:17, 9:17, 9:18, 9:29

So with that I am now about 24 hours away from the race.  Lots to do today, including pack up the kids and get them to their sleepover with their bff Daphne (shhhhh....don't tell them just yet, they need to get a nap in first), laundry, pack my own bag which apparently will include a variety of clothes since the weather can't and won't cooperate, and love on my husband tonight since we'll be childless  :)

My favorite racing tune keeps coming to mind....Enjoy!

I love me some techno to get the blood flowing!!!

Oh!!   I almost forgot!!!   Who went to see "MY RUN" last night?   I had the privilege of going with my girl Red to see it in our city.  I had watched the trailer before attending the show, so I kinda knew this movie was going to be a tear jerker, and more focused on the human spirit than running, but I didn't realize I would need a WHOLE BOX OF KLEENEX.  This movie came at perfect time in my life, as I needed this cry session in the worst (yet best) way!   This was the perfect story of inspirational triumph and just how determined a human, both mentally and physically, can be. My favorite line was right at the end when Terry Hitchcock said "Get off your butt and do something....Be a Hero, Be somebody's Hero."   How profound is that? 

With that I'll be back in a day or two or three with my full race recap of the Martian Invasion Half-Marathon!!  Wishing all my fellow peeps a safe and successful race! 

Peace and Blessings,

Jen B.

P.S.  Run Strong, Breathe, Relax!!


  1. HAPPY RACE EVE!!!!!! Can't wait to cheer you on in the a.m. girl! I'm already proud of you and you haven't even toed the line! Make every step count and don't forget to smile at the Finish!

    Thanks for being my boo-hoo movie date last night! :) LOL! And thank you even more so for the thoughtful gift. Love you so much!

  2. Hi Jen

    Congrats on running such a great race! It is one thing to put in all the training, but it is amazing when all goes to plan and you have such a great performance. I hope we all get to meet up again at another race.

    Best of luck going forward.