Monday, April 25, 2011

My Body's Training Plan Protest.

It seems that what was written on the trusty training plan was completely thrown out the window this week...Ugh!  The week wasn't a total loss, but it does nothing for building my confidence for race day either.  Let's see...

Tuesday~Saucony Fun Run at Lake Lansing~4.15 Miles @8:42P

Playmaker's, our local running store, has really been putting together some fun events for us.  I was hoping to test out a shoe of theirs, I solely run in their Kinvaras, but wouldn't mind having a pair of shoes with a little more to em.  I had been experiencing some phantom foot pain on the outside of my foot randomly on Monday following my windy "almost" twelve miler.  Unfortunately they didn't have my size, so I just enjoyed myself running with my husband and other running buds.  The pizza was delish and the beers were fantastic.

Wednesday~4.02 Miles @ 9:15P

I was blessed with time to get out and do something and I chose to run  :)   Nice and easy out and back.  Foot pain was fine during the run, but felt like a sharp spasm when I took off my shoe.   I iced it and it felt better by the next day.  By better, I don't mean 100%.  Here and there it twinges and aches.

Thursday~Free Ab Class At The Gym

A really great 30 minutes concentrating on core work incorporating full body moves.  Did some partner stuff with the medicine balls, mountain climbers, planks, and dumbbell exercises.  Lots of squats got the legs burning too.

Friday~Upper Body Strength Session

My husband had the day off for Good Friday, so back to the gym for some arms, chest, and back strength training. 

Saturday~Sunday~No Long Run

At about the time I was set to take off for my long run, I decided on a whim to call a dear friend of mine to ask about my foot pain.  She is a massage therapist and helped me so much during my ITB injury.  She came right over speculating that it was housed somewhere in my hip/glute and the pain I felt was nerve pain instead.  Sure enough, it didn't take her long to find a sweet spot in my butt that sent me into delirium with pain when she went to get the muscle to release.  It was my piriformis...ALL sorts of jacked up.  She really encouraged me to give it some time to heal, no stretching, just icing.  Each night I'm falling asleep on my stomach with my bag of peas resting on it.  So, no long run Sunday either...just didn't want to push it.

Weekly Total   8.17
Running 8.17
Cycling 0
XT 1 hr 35 mins

I feel like I'm in the same spot as right before Martian, in that I am going out for a med-long run today with a 14 miler on deck for the weekend (longest mileage to date).  I'm not going to push through today's run if it's not feeling insure I get through the mileage this weekend, BUT it would do wonders for my mojo if it all works out this week!

I'm trying to stay patient and trust that I will have a successful race day like Martian again, but this just isn't how I planned to feel at this point.  I won't give up, and I'm getting butterflies when thinking of the race.   I'm really excited and will do the best I can!!!

Peace and Blessings,

Jen B.


  1. Sorry that the week did not go as planned, but it sounds like you made the right call. I hope it's on the mend!

  2. When your butt is ready for some good torture let me know. I can write down some of the w/o's from the butt buster w/o that I do. I still have issues with my piriformus muscle but it are drastically less!

  3. I have learned that it's better to be undertrained as opposed to overtrained..... take the time your body needs to heal because a body will only take so much before it decides to bite you back in the ass!!

    Pun intended ;-D