Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Seems that it's taking me longer to get back into the training groove than expected.  My 25k is less than 4 weeks away, and I keep finding myself feeling like I just need to hold on long enough to get through it.  My attitude needs some adjusting to say the least.  I've been shaking things up a bit by cutting back on the running a little and incorporating more cycling and strength training.  This approach will demand that I be creative in finding the time to fit it all in....it feels extremely foreign and I'm not sure where to start sometimes. 

Monday 5Miles Easy
Actual 5 Miles @ 8:59P

It was a great day to run on my favorite out-and-back route.

Actual~7 Miles on the Bike @ 13.6 mph

I'm really enjoying every minute of being on the bike.   Perhaps it's because I just zoom around with no expectations or goals in mind.  My quads get quite the workout as I have to slow down a lot to get around people and then I push hard until I get nervous with the speed.  I'm feeling more comfortable on it each time I take it out.

Thursday ~Strength
Did the Slim and 6 pack Dvd and then some arm weights and alternating lunges.   I finally admitted to myself that this kind on "at home in, the basement" approach is NOT working!!

Friday.....I joined a gym  :)

Sat~12 Miles Easy
Actual~ZERO...had a bit too much fun Friday night with a few girlfriends.

Sunday~11.41 Miles @9:33P

The weather has been so wishy-washy the last few weeks, no surprise as it's springtime in Michigan.  The forecast called for High Winds at 25-30mph and unfortunately the weatherman actually had it right for once.  My goal was to make it through the mileage, conserving energy from not plowing through the wind to then use to keep a consistent pace at the end.  Legs were toast a mile from home so I just decided to bring it in instead of trying to extend the run to get a full 12.  As my first real long run since Martian I'm happy with it. 

Total Mileage  23.37
Running 16.41
Cycling 6.95

As plans are starting to be set up for the weekend of the big race, my excitement is building.  I feel I am running that race for something larger than myself.  I can't wait to honor my pledge to raise money for the American Cancer Society, as well as give back to everyone being affected by cancer.


Jen B.

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