Monday, April 11, 2011

Recovery Week & Randoms

First things first....I finally have my official half marathon results....

Kinda late on sharing, but I was hoping to have my finishers photo too and they haven't sent it to me yet.  Has anyone experienced a lapse in time of getting their jpeg?  
This week was recovery week from the race....and it was interesting to say the least!!

It started with some major delayed muscle soreness...just as my youngest daughter came down with the nasty stomach flu that seems to be going around.  I spent two straight days with her on my lap, trying to get sleep in between bouts of projectile vomiting.  I can't imagine how the body can do this as such a small child.  Too cruel to even wish on my worst enemy!!   She finally started to come around Thursday night...and has since returned to her spunky self, still snugly yet not as clingy.  Phew!!!
I managed to get in two runs...
Wednesday~3.3 Easy @ 9:47P   (Super Stiff and Hurt Like the Dickens with each step)
Saturday~8.03 Miles @ 9:18 P  (Getting much better....need a few more zzz's and some nutrition and we'll be 100% with a snap)
Sunday~Biking extravaganza!!
Because I felt like such a slacker all week, my hubby could tell I was all sorts of fidgety on Sunday morning, so he put air in my tires and I went for a fun ride around the river trail.  We were experiencing a 24 hour heat wave here in MI...getting up to somewhere in the low 80's, so it definitely felt like summer!  That afternoon when I got home from work, Jeff took off to take a look at a used bike trailer.  It's been a goal of ours to get one so we can take the girls around town to different parks and the local zoo with greater ease.  We was successful in finding an amazing deal, so after dinner we went back out for a cruise.  The girls had so much fun!! 
Weekly totals~~Running 11.33~~Cycling~~11.04

With all of that said though....this week has been the weirdest week in quite some time.  This is where the "Random" part of my post comes in.  Jason B. hit the nail on the head with his recent post HERE.  Does anyone feel like they did whole lot of waiting around and mental "Shouldn't I be doing something today" kinda stuff???   Granted it's not exactly comparing apples to apples when I mention his post because he completed a Half Ironman last weekend (kinda makes my half marathon a casual Sunday stroll), but my body had gotten used to working hard on Tues, Thurs, and Sat.   As my body recovers and heals, my mind has been playing all kinds of tricks with me since the race.....
For Example....
I've been pretty tight lipped about saying this out loud, but my attitude has been less than desirable.  I find myself thinking....
"What is the point of ever running a 5k again"   
                              As in "I'm too good" for the distance....Who am I?
"Why even run this 8 miler when it isn't going to compare to that zen buzz you got at the race" 
              Um, hello, that's why we we can feel that awesomeness on race day!!
I even ate two pieces of bacon and drank a 12 pack of IPA's this weekend...WTF!!  
 I rationalized it with the old...."Because I Can and Damn It I Deserve It" line.  
Shame on me!!!
I became increasingly confused....why all this crazy banter, this so me.......5 YEARS AGO!!
OLD HABITS my friends.  I had nothing really on the hit me a curve ball, and I completely reverted back to the lazy, pathetic, negative procrastinator mentality I once had.  Tsk..Tsk 
I'm happy that my realist rational side of me is able to put my ego in its place pretty quick with each encounter.
Although I'm happy to report that a bolt of lightning did NOT hit me for eating the bacon, I'm kinda glad I took the moment to have it because it totally reminded me that I'm not missing anything.  The beer situation is a continued work in progress.  Anyone who knows me knows I love me an IPA, but this weekend certainly didn't seem moderate, so I will be back to cutting back as of today.  Time to rehydrate!!!
I'm really grateful to have Fifth Third to reel me back in.  I've spent quite a bit of time thinking of this race, and what I'll be doing differently this time around.  The list is long and I'm going to save it for a future post.   I see improvements in my future so I'm excited.  I do so much better this way, and my attitude is always better for it too!!

 Peace and Blessings,
Jen B.


  1. NIIIICE official time! Too bad on the pic. I haven't even found any of me yet. I keep checking but no luck on my bib number. I smiled for sooo many cameras. How can that be? Off to check again incase they were still tagging...

  2. I saw some of you out on the course...I'll try to send them to you!!

  3. And do you feel better now having shared your thoughts? I bet you do. This week you'll get back on track and then... Fifth-Third awaits!

  4. Do I ever!! Admitting stuff out loud is the fasted way to gain accountability. I'm all about it :)

  5. Congrats on that sub-2 half!! There were no official pics of me either. My husband found one in the lost & found section, but it wasn't that great. I'm going to check a few more times though.

    It was SO great to meet you! Hopefully we'll get to meet up again after another race sometime!

  6. Congrats on your finish! Great time! And the 5K is there to see how fast you can go. It's not the exact high of the marathon but it's a nice, little one.