Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 7 ~ Taper Time

Here Goes....

Tues ~ 5 Miles Easy
Actual ~ 4 miles sub 9's @ 8:49P

My schedule has proven to be a huge adjustment and I've failed several times at remembering to pack breakfast to fuel up before my runs.  This was one of those days and even though my stomach was growling like a raging animal, I made it through my run anyway.  Time constraints left me shortening the run a little and getting it done a little faster than planned.

Thurs  ~ 7 Miles Alternating
Actually ~ 6.67 Miles Steady

The high rivers forced me to detour around my original route...no biggy, just left it a little short at the end.  I spent this run reflecting on the incredible energy shifts that are happening in the world and in my life.  I am so blessed to be healthy and able to enjoy such a gorgeous day even though it might be too cold for the majority of people around me.  I sent out lots of prayers to all of those who are suffering in the world, the Japanese and people in the Middle East, and wished that my hubby and dear friend were able to enjoy the day running too.   With a renewed focus and perspective, I find these runs are the most important to me.  I feel free, light, and humble.

Sat ~ 8-9 Easy
Actual  ~ 0

This weekend was a complete unexpected whirlwind.  I had so much to fit it, (when don't I), but I always seem to fit in my run.  Well, not this weekend.  I was so exhausted that I just couldn't justify making myself get out there when I felt so rundown.   I did get it in Monday...a shortened version of it, so I guess I file this away in the "Life Happens" compartment of my brain and keep my eye on the race later this week.

Weekly Total  ~ 10.83

Speaking of race....The Martian Invasion is within our sights!!!  In 5 days I'll be running my first half-marathon and I can't wait to soak it all up.  The racing jitters have started to creep into consciousness each time I think of my race strategy and all of the list making of gear and what-not to remember.   I am really excited to have my husband spectate me, as I'm sure his presence on the course will do wonders for my moral.  Also, I'm so excited to meet so many bloggers that I have come to enjoy too  :)

One of them....Marlene from Mission to A(nother) Marathon...is one of them.  I just love reading her blog  She always has the most encouraging things to say and share.  I am so stoked to have won her blogger giveaway from Races2Remember.com.  I haven't picked out what I want to get just yet, but I will surely incorporate it somehow for the Riverbank 25k in May...keep an eye out.  Thanks so much for all of your support girl...can't wait to meet you!

See all of you on Saturday....Stay Calm, Focus, Breath....You Got this!!

Peace and Blessings,

Jen B.

P.S.   Everyone who has run knows that its most important value is in removing tension and   allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring.  ~Jimmy Carter


  1. "Life Happens" and you can't do anything about it except to accept and move on. You've already done everything you need to do to prepare for this so now all you gotta do is trust in your training. Can't wait to cheer you on my dear! So excited for you and already so proud! <3

  2. Congratulations on a solid week! Rest up this week!!!

    Thanks for the shout out. Can't wait to meet you!!! :D