Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Graditude is My Attitude.....

This time each week I review the previous one and list out my workouts and cumulative mileages.  This week I'm going to do things a little bit different.   I'm going to start it all off with a big huge Thank You!!!

I have been working so diligently raising money for The American Cancer Society for my upcoming race next weekend, and it has donned on my just how many of my bloggy friends have helped to support me.  I am continuously humbled by the generosity of people, many of whom I hardly know!!

Thank you Marlene from Mission to a(nother Marathon for your donation!!  I am loving your blog and all your mad training and race recaps.  You always have the most uplifting things to say to me through my blog, and I can't tell you how lovely it is to receive them.  They inspire me everyday!!!

Thank you Redhead from CAUTION: Redhead Running for your donation!!!  I can't say enough how lucky and honored I am to know you in "real" life.  Your strength and bravery through all these ups and downs over the last few months has kept me going with a smile on my face, even when I'd rather not do shit sometimes. 

Thank you Spike from Running Spike for your lovely donation....I love your DetermiNation to give more than Red  :)   Even though she already donated, it really was amazing that you too gave on your own.  I know, you're not married...blah blah, but you're a couple so it could have counted to give as a collective effort.   Thank you!!

Thank you Jessie from Live~Love~Run.  In the midst of raising money for autism and other important causes of your own, you found a way to give to something so important to me.  Thank you!!

Thank you Joanna from Joanna Runs!!  Girl, I cannot tell you how shocked I was to see your donation come through.   It was so nice to meet you at Martian, and I can't wait to give you a great big hug at Cleveland for your donation.  You really don't know how much your support means to me!!!

I'm so glad to have this place to share my gratitude to everyone that has donated.   There is a long list of people who have given money to support my efforts who are not part of this crazy blogosphere, and I will surely take time to thank them as well in other more conventional ways  :)

With all of your help I'm currently in Third Place with $961.96

I couldn't be more proud!!

If you haven't donated yet, and want to....click the link below :)

Back to last week...mid week was sprinkled with a small bit of running, some weights and barely any biking.  I spent most of that week nursing my foot and muscle tightness issues in anticipation of my long run....which by the way never happened on Sat.  Throughout the day with all of the hoopla of Ella's Birthday party...I know, maybe it was the 10 screaming children running a muck at the bowling alley....I developed a splitting headache and took a nap instead.  I was ready to take off Sunday morning....and it went a little like this...

Warning to all of my Dailymile friends...I'm merely reposting the run so you can skip/skim if you'd like...lol.

Country 14 Miler

With the River Trail a complete mess with all of this flooding, I decided to go out to my parent's house to get in this run. It was set to be my last mileage building run before Fifth Third. I was determined to make it a great run with proper hydration, fueling, music selection, route, and plan.

I set out feeling amazing with the mild temps and light breeze and had to keep myself from going out too fast. It was great to be out on the open road on a Sunday morning. I got to enjoy lots of wildlife and farm animals, and I got the feeling they thought I was a little crazy. At least the traffic was minimal :) At mile three the sun started to peak out and I was really happy to see it disappear a short time later. It kept things a little windier, but less humid or warm.

I stopped back at the house at mile 8 to hit the bathroom and gu/hydrate. Miles 6, 7, and 8 were into the wind and anyone who's been down Grovenburg knows the rolling hills are quite numerous. It was a much needed break! Back out I went for another out and back up to Holt Rd. I felt great until the turn around, as heading back into the wind and hills was much more challenging this time. I stopped long enough to turn on my 5k racing mix to get some decent techno going and just kept pushing through. The last half mile was a long downhill and I was pretty sore during this, but I did it!

My longest run to date is under my belt with two weeks until the race. I needed this so much, as I've been feeling like my body has been on strike for a week or two. Can't say my attitude has been much better...bad combo to have with a big race coming up so soon.

I feel really good post-run, which gives me hope for actually getting to enjoy Cleveland fully!!! It's going to be a great weekend, only thing to do now is survive the taper madness :)

Splits: 9:31, 9:40, 9:32, 9:04, 9:10, 9:23, 9:34, 9:17, 9:22, 9:19, 9:29, 9:50, 9:56, 9:45


I had been looking at the race maps and stumbled upon an elevation map on Map My Run, and it showed more than I had been training in currently, so I was glad this run with the elevation below went as well as it did.  It wasn't a cake walk, and there was just cause for the soreness in those last few miles.  I never did get the latent muscle soreness I usually do a few days out so maybe....shall I even fathom, that I might be getting somewhere with all of this.  Shhh....

Anyway...I hope everyone had a Fab week!  All of the recent race recaps have me itching to race!!!

Peace and Blessings!!

Jen B.


  1. Congrats on the milestone run! You are so ready for Cleveland!!

    Congrats on your fundraising - you should be so proud, and it was a pleasure to contribute just a little bit.

  2. Dang sister! You weren't kidding when you said it was a hilly run! Good job out there!!! So excited for your race next week, I know you're going to pull out of this funk and have an amazing race, it's hard not to when you've been raising money for such a great cause. Whenever you start to struggle just think about all the people you raised money to help and you'll be able to dig deep and push through. So proud of you girl!!!

  3. Thanks so much Marlene! I'll be racing in Grand Rapids for my race...and then driving to Cleveland to spectate on Sunday. It's going to be fun/cray/amazing weekend!!!

  4. Chica, you are so welcome! It was great to see you this weekend. :) Can't wait for the recap!