Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 1 ~ In The Books!

The week started with a bit of a hiccup, as I had to travel down to U of M for a weird pain in my neck.  It wasn't anything I had felt up until last weekend, so I toggled with not want to ignore a potential issue nor overreact, but the surgeon took a looksie through ultrasound and reassured me that everything was fine.  Phew!  That was on Tuesday which moved my week's first run to biggie.  

Wed-4 Miles Easy
Wed-4 Miles Easy Actual-4 Miles @ 9:21P  (Slightly faster than Easy)

This week was bitter cold!!!  Wind Chills were hovering just below or at zero, making it really difficult to go EASY.   The more wind that blasted me in the face the harder the effort to just keep going.  Nothing about this run was easy.

Thurs-4 Miles Easy
Actual-4 Miles @ 9:09P (Oops)

The sunshine was glorious, but unbelievably colder than the day before.  My face felt like it was going to fall off so I just ran like hell to get it over with.  I felt so much better physically on this run, but again it didn't meet the goal of going easy.   After this run, I was really looking forward to my long run.  I've been in test mode for a week or more, and I was so ready to challenge myself with a tougher workout.

Sat-8 Miles Easy
Actual-8 Miles @ 8:55P

"AMAZING" turned into the word of the day after this run.  I felt amazing, the weather was amazing, my pace consistency was amazing.   I could smell spring in the air and I soaked it up!!!  The only downer of this run was that I forgot my water and gu at the house....Fail.  I really felt challenged at mile 6 without any water.  I was running through Potter Park and considered eating some snow, but anyone who knows the area knows how many geese roam around.  I just couldn't get past thinking of what lies within those snow banks....Eek!  So I trudged on focusing on form to keep my mind from talking myself out of keeping pace.  The River Trail was clear enough that I got to throw on my beloved me Saucony Kinvaras.  It always amazes me the difference between wearing my heavier trail shoes and these.  They are like running on fluffy little clouds...LOVE THEM! 

Weekly Total-16 Miles 

Speaking of Kinvaras...I think it's time to bust out my new pair that I'll be running Martian in.  I'm approaching the 200 mile mark on my current pair, and it's supposed to in the mid-40's, so I can't think of a better time.     There is only one issue.....the color is absolutely hideous!!

The pic hardly captures the flashiness of the FLORESCENT Pink explosion....Ugh!  I couldn't pass up a sweet deal on this pair a month or so ago, but this morning when I opened the box and was practically blinded!   I might have to take them through a few mud puddles if you know what I'm sayin. 

I officially consider myself back from all the hoopla in recent months.  Week One was a total Success! 


Jen B.

P.S.  Seven weeks to go!


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  1. Great week getting back in to the swing of things chica... if anything, it's like you never stopped! Looking over your week, one would never think you just had a two week hiatus! Way to hit the ground running!